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Comprehensive and versatile work on the resource to increase the interest of users and search engines to websites.
Visibility and targeted traffic
The visibility of your project on the Internet is expanding, and the site receives more and more interested traffic from different Internet channels.
Applications and paid orders
The number of leads increases — incoming requests and orders from the site. The number of closed (paid) sales increases when a potential customer who made a request turns into a buyer.
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We don't focus on standard SEO. A website is a living organism that requires decisive action and constant development
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The use of modern advertising technologies and services is not a guarantee of the result. A detailed analysis of Internet channels and website improvement is the key to the success of an advertising campaign.
We know that the health of our business depends directly on how satisfied our Customers are. Therefore, we put the result above all else. We will find alternative ways to bring customers to the Customer as quickly as possible.
We are against paper bureaucracy. We are always open to promptly resolve any issues related to the advertising campaign.
Case studies
In less than six months from the beginning of cooperation, we have reached a high level of visibility of our Internet project in search engines! The work of the specialists of this company fully justifies its name. A really great result!
Site visibility
+ 2000 searches
Results of work for 8 months
Head of Marketing Department
Aeroflot Airlines
Work has been carried out to develop a new structure and optimize the content. The results were not long in coming, search engines gave a powerful influx of new traffic for target queries and the project increased visibility by 2 times. At the moment, the project occupies the 2nd position in the world in terms of traffic in the category Travel and tourism > Air Travel
TOP 10
Targeted traffic
Now: 4.2 M
Before: 2 M
The guys increased the traffic several times, worked on the conversion of the site, orders are provided for a month in advance! I really like the approach, constantly offering new solutions to increase profits! Thank you very much!
Sales per month
Now: 47
Results of work for 5 months
Equipment for sales
Creating a website and advertising for new equipment. Marketing research and development of the logic of a new project. The user experience was used in the creation of the site. As a result, the site revealed the potential of a new product and was convenient for visitors. The site was pre-optimized and the search engines liked it. After handing over the site to the client, a couple of months later, the client reported that the site for them was not just a portfolio, but a source that brought new customers. The company's turnover increased to 10 million rubles per month.
Before: 3
Targeted traffic
Now: 7 062
Before: 1 273
Chief executive officer
Sergey Demidov
It was your company that gave an amazing result, you did what other contractors could not do! Thank you for your work!
Site visibility
Now: 113 000
Results of work for 18 months
Marketing Director
Medsi medical

Development and implementation of a strategy for the development of the site, conducting analytical work with current statistics and analyzing competitors and topics, supervising the work of your team and the site support team. The site in the search engine ranks in the top ten for approximately 83,300 queries, an increase of 15 times, visibility coverage was 348,800, an increase of 25 times. Today, the project ranks 35th in terms of unique visitors among other sites in the health category around the world, although in July 2019 it was at 873 positions.
Before: 30 000
Targeted traffic
Now: 1,5M
Before: 350K
Category rank
Now: 35
Before: 654
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We are trusted
We do not seek to pour budgets into ratings, we strive to invest everything in the client's project in order to develop their business!
Your gratitude is our best rating!
Analyzing the quality of the site
Developing a project strategy
Increasing the conversion rate
Attracting high-quality visitors
Search for technical and text errors that prevent you from achieving high positions in the search results. Detailed analysis of the topic's competitors in the TOP10 TOP5 TOP1
We select effective methods to achieve high results of an advertising campaign in a short time
We carry out a set of works on the development of the site to increase the reach of the target audience
We conduct an audit of the main traffic channels. Analysis of user behavior on the site, search for vulnerabilities that affect the conversion rate
How we
Increasing revenue
We carry out a set of works on the development of the site to increase the reach of the target audience

Don't miss out on new customers
We have successfully developed more than 117 sites of various topics and types
Today, Internet resources are becoming the main resource of companies, which generate significant revenue. COVID-19 gave a crazy boost to the development of Internet technologies. We invest our knowledge in your projects, we make your business more successful and profitable!
Head of the studio
Head of SEO department
Data analytic
Head of client department